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English Timbers manufacture high quality solid hardwood flooring in a wide range of timbers.

We sell to both the trade and public and deliver throughout the UK.

We prefer not to sell on-line because
we think it is important to discuss your particular needs.
Hardwood flooring must be installed correctly and good advice is essential.

Please call us for the prices for our flooring or request a price list & brochure. Tel 01377 229301

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Our Products
White Oak, Red Oak, Ash, Red Elm, Hard Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut, Jatoba and Ipe - Made at our factory in East Yorkshire

Each timber is separated into different grades - Classic, Character and Rustic.  Each grade has a different set of features and these are described on the individual flooring pages.

Most our flooring is unfinished.  We believe that a floor sanded and sealed after laying is superior to a factory prefinished floor. See "Grades and Range " for more info.

We have introduced a small range of prefinished floors and overlay floors in Oak and Maple which compliment our own. These are well made and excellent value for money.

Sundries include hardwood skirting & other profiles, softwood subfloor battens, building paper, floor lacquers and oil finishes.

We are dedicated to quality in all aspects of our business - From timber quality and manufacture through to service and technical backup.  

Our Service
We offer a friendly, helpful service and sell to both the trade and the public. This service includes product help and samples, technical advice and backup, fitting advice and prompt delivery from stock.  If you can spare the time, it pays to visit our showroom.

Temperate Hardwoods - Most of our hardwoods are grown in the northern US states such as Pensylvania & New York State. The US operates a strict forestry policy and overall, the volume of hardwood trees is growing by about 40 million cubic metres per year after harvesting.   Most of the harvested areas are left to regenerate naturally.  The amount of forest on the East coast is staggering. The total forest cover in the US is about 750 million acres - about 23 times the area of England. The area of hardwoods in the eastern states is about 284 million acres - about 9 times the area of England. The strict forestry policy effectively eliminates illegal hardwood logging in the US.

It is very difficult to operate a scheme such as FSC certification in North America because it requires that all timber can be traced to source. This works well if large areas of forest have few owners as in the Scandinavian countries. However there are literally millions of hardwood forest owners in America each owning a small plot of timber. Keeping track of individual logs is almost impossible.
This is explained clearly if you go the the American Hardwood Export Council sustainability website - please click on the following link - Certification Challenges.

It is unlikely that the FSC scheme will ever apply to more than a small amount of US hardwoods

For general info on US hardwoods please go to the general website for the American Hardwood Export Council.

Tropical Hardwoods
Our only tropical timbers are Ipe & Jatoba which are not FSC certified but are from legally logged forests in Brazil.
We have tried to purchase true FSC supplies of both timbers for the last 4 years, but have found it to be impossible due to the lack of supply. There are only one or two certified forest concessions in Brazil.
We were also dismayed to learn that it was possible to purchase the necessary certification for very little extra cost when in fact the timber was not certified.

The majority of tropical deforestation appears to be due to destruction for palm oil plantations, sugar plantations, beef ranching and other agricultural uses.

Unfortunately the forest industry is blamed for most of the damage while being responsible for a relatively small proportion of the damage. Illegal logging is a problem in some parts of the world.

We have decided not to import any further tropical timbers until there are sufficient supplies which are truely sustainable. Consequently our current stocks will not be replaced.

Website Images
We have taken great care in the preparation of this website. The images of the timber and hardwood floors are as close to reality as possible and we have also described the nature of the timbers and the various grades of  flooring.

The colour of the images may vary from screen to screen. They are representative on most traditional screens, but may not be accurate on some flat screens unless they are set up correctly.
The images show the flooring after it has been sanded and sealed with a water based lacquer or wax oil finish.  Please bear this in mind when you receive a sample because these have not been finished.

Using the Website

The "Our Range of Floors" button - is used to display the range of flooring available.  Click on the relevant photograph to display the page relating to that particular timber.  Each page shows a room set and images of each grade of flooring along with timber and grade descriptions.

The "Special Offers" button lists a selection of one-off offers along with prices. These may be end of lines or small batches with a different width, thickness or grade.

The "Featured Floor" gives details of a particular timber and grade of floor which may also be on offer.

The "Technical Summary" and the "Explanation of Terms" are used to help you understand the basics of solid hardwood flooring and the terminology.

The "Comprehensive Technical Guide" is used for in depth technical information.  This guide is very comprehensive and should be read by anyone intending to specify or lay one of our solid hardwood floors. In addition to site surveys, site conditions and basic floor laying methods etc the guide also explains the types of timber flooring, the grades along with any advantages and disadvantages.

The "How to Find us Button" gives a local map of the area.

If you need further help, please do not hesitate to call us.  All our staff are involved in the manufacture of the flooring and can offer a high degree of assistance.

The "Terms of Use" page relates to your use of this web site and the " News and Special Offers" discusses any new products & offers.

Please use the "Contact Button" or call us to request brochures or samples. Please reduce your choice to a minimum before requesting samples because of the range available.  

How to Buy
We have chosen not to sell our products on line because of the importance of technical support.  It is important to discuss your particular situation and advise you as best we can.  A hardwood floor is an important aesthetic and structural feature of the building and the correct choice of materials plus competent installation is vitally important.

Payment- is as normal - by cheque, card or cash.

Availability - Most of the species & grades are normally in stock. However large orders may deplete stocks and it is best to check availability well in advance.

Delivery - Once the order has been paid for and prepared, delivery is arranged with the customer and is normally within a couple of days.


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